Unlike earlier stage of computers, today’s computer machines have more memory, bigger hard drives, and faster microprocessors. Whether you have a laptop or desktop under high specifications, there are some possible reasons making it slow. Generally, the slowdown of the computers can be occurred due to the handling way of the users. It also depends on the operating systems and other application software you are using on your system. Here are the top ten potential reasons why your pc is slow in its performance.

Why is your computer so slow – 10 possible reasons


Reasons based on the computer memory:

There is not adequate free RAM – Random Access Memory (RAM) is an important memory what all computers use for temporary thinking and working space. When there are more numbers of programs are running at the same time, and then more RAM is used. It will definitely make your system slow because there is not sufficient RAM space for another program you are running.

Low hard drive space – Lack of space on your computer hard disk often attacks computers which do a lot of designing or video editing works. Hard drives are memories which store all data on the computer. It is necessary to keep a good amount of space on hard disk to avoid its slow activities.

Having a fragmented hard disk – It is vital to defragment your hard disk to help a computer organizes itself in a better way. Similarly, it makes sure system run smoothly. Hard drive is generally storing all data not in a together space. It stores one data here and another piece of data/file there. When it is not defragmented, it is highly risk to retrieve a particular file or data from the memory of the hard drive. It will take more time to get one file and slow down a process of the computer. Defragmenting is actually like a big computer clean up. So, it will be helpful in placing data in the right place and get it back quickly.

Protecting your computers:

It is too crucial to protect your computer system from different things like slow processing, malwares, viruses, and etc. When you need clarification on why is my computer so slow suddenly, these may be some reasons you should consider and clear off.

Too many programs running similarly – When your computer is running many applications or download utilities at the same time, it will be slow down its process and make computer hanged. So, it is advisable to avoid downloading browser helpers, applications for speeding up your internet access, and more than one anti-virus software. It is a good idea to uninstall unnecessary programs which will slow down your system’s processing speed.

Malware or virus infections – Slow computer operations and internet slowdowns can be a symptom of virus or malware infection. To find out whether you have a virus problem on your computer, it is vital to use the best anti-virus or anti-spyware application. It can be a free scanning tool available for finding and removing unwanted malware programs from the computers.

Running scanning program – When a computer scanning program such as anti-malware, anti-spyware and automatic backup or anti-virus application is running, your computer will surely give a slow response. It is not recommended disabling these applications because they are very important for your computer protection. Even though you are running one program, you have doubt on why is my computer so slow while scanning process. Such scanning programs are suggested to run at least once in a week. Similarly, you have a leave your machine and don’t use it while these applications are running.

Other reasons for computer slowdown:

Computer restarts – Sometimes, you experience slow process of your computer system even it is not running too many programs. In this situation, it is a better idea to restart your machine. A system cannot complete some of its program updates until you restart. Restarting of the computers will also free up a few memories tied up by any buggy programs. After the computer restarts, everything will be good in processing further programs with maximum speed.

Wireless network sharing – If your internet connection is running slowly but a computer is running fast, you will have huge activities on your network. It probably occurs in only the wireless network sharing not wired network. Check out to find if anyone on your network is doing some process which uses a lot of bandwidth. It will definitely make your computer slow and stop all application processes. If the wireless network is not safe, it is recommended to create a unique password to secure your data. It also ensures strangers do not join your shared network.

Computer hardly meets your minimum software requirements – Software generally contains a list of the particular requirements for some things like operating system, processor speed, hard drive space, and RAM memory. Some software packages are only compatible with some versions of OS. Few software requires particular processor speed, enough RAM, and necessary space on hard disk. These specifications are total minimum levels necessary to make software run. If your computer system just meets these requirements of the software, it will run better but it may not run well. So, try to meet or exceed the system recommendations of specific software rather than just meeting the hard requirements.

Too many whistles and bells – Hi-resolution images and animated pointers of your favorite tourist destination will look nice but they can also have a possibility of slowing down your computer speed. Since clear pictures and animated videos load into memory each time you start a computer. With this condition, it will occupy maximum RAM space and there is less processing power and random access memory available for the other important tasks. This is why it is advisable to save such animated videos and high resolution pictures in any external storage devices and watch it when you need. Clearing up those data from the computer memory will be helpful to give enough RAM space for all running tasks.


If you still ask the question “why is my computer so slow?” you should watch the video below.

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