How To Run Apple iOS Apps On Windows 8 /7/Vista/XP

How To Run Apple iOS Apps On Windows 8 /7/Vista/XP: There are many users who want to run apple iOS Apps on their Windows PC but they don’t know how to do it. Do You Know How To Run Apple iOS Apps On Windows 8 /7/Vista/XP PC?? If not then you are at the right place to get the solution. You can use an emulator most of you guys are aware of Android emulator but Apple iOS emulator is not so popular but very useful. Best emulator to run Apple iOS App on pc is iPadian. If you can’t able buy Apple device then you can go for this just to take the feel of Apple device. This is really a very good emulator which we are providing for our users. You can use latest Apps that you are missing out till now. Almost all Apple iOS apps are available from this emulator. You can use WhatsApp, WeChat, Temple Run and Webkit browser etc with the help of this emulator itself. This is going to manage your investment that you have to spend on any Apple device but remember this is only an emulator this will not give all the features of Apple iOS. Increase IDM Speed. Read detailed information about “How To Run Apple iOS Apps On Windows  8/7/Vista/XP”.

Features of iPadian

how to run apple ios apps on windows 8

  • Provides Custom App Store
  • Allows Full Screen Preview
  • Standalone Abode Air Application
  • Provides Free Music and Videos
  • Social Chat
  • Compatible with Facebook Messages and Notification
  • Provide Games

How To Run Apple iOS Apps On Windows 8 /7/Vista/XP

  • First of all Download the .exe file from the link and install the iPadian software on your PC.
  • Once you iPadian is installed you’ll notice that the interface is bit similar to your iPhone. You will glad to know that some apps like Angry Birds and Safari Browser are Pre-Installed. You can also add your favorite iOS apps from Apps Store.
  • For installing new Apps click on the App Store icon and you’ll be taken to app folder from where you can install more Apps of your choice. You just need to click on ‘Free’ button of any particular app and then it will start installing in your PC.
  • When installation is complete then you’ll see the downloaded app icon will be added on your screen automatically and you can easily access that app by clicking on the icon.

iPadian Apple iOS Emulator Conclusion

Though every application has some Pros as well as Cons and so it is in iPadian Apple iOS emulator too. iPadian is having Cons that doesn’t mean that it is not good software or there are so many problems associated with this. There are thousands of users that are running iPadian on their Windows PC without having any problem. It is a must use software to use if you want to use Apple iOS apps on your windows PC. iPadian is totally free and save software therefore you can install it on your Windows PC. Download Torrent File with IDM.

Download iPadian from the Official site.

Alternatively iPadian is available as a open source software for Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP.

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