Many users of computers and mobile gadgets these days wish to own the most modern yet affordable resources for enhancing their lifestyle. They are eager to invest in the ultramodern computer that has lots of unique features. If they have decided to buy a brand new single-board computer within the budget, we can highly recommend to check out Raspberry Pi series of computers. Egoman, RS Components and Newark element 14 manufactured both the original Raspberry Pi and also Raspberry Pi2.

Lots of people are currently looking to buy this credit card sized computer online. Before buying they have to be aware about its pros and cons. Even though the hardware of this series of computers is identical across these three manufacturers, there are many variations in terms of software and other features such as outer design. Next we will reveal tech specs and other useful information about this single board computer.

Raspberry Pi models

There are so many models of Raspberry Pi at this time. In Raspberry Pi 1, there are four models namely Model A, Model A+, Model B, and Model B+. In Raspberry Pi 2, Model B is available at this time. Pay attention to the main advantages and disadvantages of the Model A, Model A+, Model B, Model B+ and Pi2. Many people compare these models and select the best suitable one directly. The model A has one USB Port. However, the Model B has two USB ports. The model B has the Ethernet. But, the Model A does not have the Ethernet. The Model B consumes more energy than the Model A. The hardware of both these models is the same.

Technical details

This single-board computer has an ideal combination of premium elements. This Broadcom BCM2835 system connects the following elements as efficiently as possible.

  • A 700MHz ARM1176JZF-S CPU

  • A Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU

  • 256MB of SDRAM

Many users of this computer like to make use of data connectivity options externally. They have to use these USB 2.0 ports. They will be happy to use the composite RCA and HDMI ports since they are the two video outputs in this single board computer. Users of this computer are happy to listen to music and watch videos. This is because a 3.5mm audio output and premium video outputs.

A budding user of a single-board and credit card sized computer wishes to know about how to access the storage system in this computer. Some users of this computer may wish to extend the storage on this computer. They can use an SDIO/MMC/ SD card slot to extend and also access storage.

A micro USB adapter is used by the Raspberry Pi to get the power with minimum ratings of 2.5 watts and 3.5 watts for the Model A and the Model B. The HWD of this small computer is 0.6 by 2.1 by 3.4 inches.

Everyone has to understand that this credit card sized computer is not designed for the best performance. This computer is designed as an extraordinary platform for the technological enlightenment, education and also expansion. This computer does not have so many essential elements like the power button. Users of this computer can use the micro USB cable for turning the power on or off. If you are a beginner to the personal computer or laptop, then you have to be careful to make use of this small computer in the beginning.

Raspberry Pi Model A and Model A+ have only 256MB SDRAM. Raspberry Pi Model B and Model B+ have only 512MB SDRAM. On the other hand, Raspberry Pi 2 Model B has 1GB SRAM. This computer is compatible with the Linux based Snappy Ubuntu Core

and Windows 10.

The processor of Raspberry Pi 1 Models is Broadcom BCM2835 ARMv6. However, a highly developed quad-core Broadcom BCM2836 ARM v7 processor in the Pi 2 Model B supports users to get benefits from the maximum efficiency of operations on the whole.

There is one USB 2.0 Port in the Raspberry Pi 1 Model A and Model A+. But, Raspberry Pi 1 Model B has two USB 2.0 Ports and Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 have four USB 2.0 Ports.

The Power ratings of Raspberry Pi models as per their succession are 300 mA (1.5 W), 200mA (1 W), 700 mA (3.5 W), 600 mA (3.0 W) and 800 mA (4.0 W).

Raspberry Pi

Set up the computer

Once users have planned to set up the Raspberry Pi, then they have to connect following elements.

  • USB keyboard and mouse

  • Display

  • Ethernet cable when you have the Model B

  • Headphones or speakers as per your wish

Plug in the micro USB cable to power it up.

Check out the video below to see the basic setup

Operating System

There is no storage facility in the Raspberry Pi computer. Use the storage card slot to load a bootable operating system. If you get an interest to make use of the Windows OS, then you will be satisfied. This is because this credit card sized computer now lets users to use Windows operating system on the card slot.

Even though predecessors of Raspberry Pi 2 do not support Windows OS, this advanced computer supports Windows 10. Users of this fully-functioning personal computer are happy since they prefer their favorite Windows 10 OS conveniently. They have installed Windows Developer Program for IoT and make use of Windows 10 without difficulty. They take advantage of 1GB RAM in this computer. This RAM is shared between the CPU and GPU.

The official community of this computer series suggests as well as gives three Linux distros. The most recommended Linux distros for this extraordinary computer are QtonPi, Debian, and Arch Linux ARM. These distros are optimized completely to assist users of this computer these days.

Some people may get an idea to copy the most suitable Linux distro among these three options. They have to write the best Linux distro rather than simply copy it to an SD Card. There are many applications such as Win32 Disk Imager to assist users to write the Linux distros to SD card. A hassle-free way to do this work encourages individuals to take advantage of all positive aspects of this small computer immediately.

If a person turns on this computer, then he or she will be happy to do setup tasks as simply as possible. Bear in mind that users of this computer have to know the Linux fundamentals in order to do everything in this computer as per their interests.

Below you can see some benefits and drawbacks of Raspberry Pi.


  • Inexpensive

  • The best choice for educational purpose

  • The maximum community support

  • Very decent wired connectivity

  • CPU speed improvement greatly

  • The most appropriate RAM

  • Backwards compatible

  • Quad-core CPU

  • Versatility


  • Challenging setup

  • Ever-increasing demands to acquire Linux knowledge

  • Poor performance from an affordable single board computer

  • Demands some patience

  • An open circuit board that can be damaged easily


The Raspberry Pi is designed specifically for the learning and adventurous purposes only. This computer has the best stuff for the small-scale system rather than medium and large-scale system. Users of this computer take advantage of the supportive and a lively community. They recommend this small sized computer for their kith and kin these days. More info (tutorials etc.) available here…

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