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As we know that music player the heart of any device everyone uses it. In this article we gathered the best MP3 Player for iPhone, iPod and iPad Touch. If you are using any one of the device then you must have music player in it. Music has a special quality that it can easily connect with person. There are lot of music players available in market but why we chose them when we have to opportunity to choose the best one for free. Yes all the music players listed below are free and believe us these are the best one that are available in market. Read the full explanation about the best mp3 player for iPhone, iPod and iPad touch.

List of Best MP3 Player For iPhone, iPod and iPad Touch

You can read about all the Music Players and then download the one which suits you better. These MP3 Players allows some exceptional feature like UI Interface, Playlist etc. If you want to play your MP3 files on your device then read on.


mp3 player for iphone, ipod and ipad touch

MusiXmatch is the first one on our list because of its amazing feature of showing lyrics of the current song. When you choose to play any song with musiXmatch it will show lyrics. Notification centre widget highlights the currently playing and scrolls automatically therefore it becomes very useful.

Download musiXmatch Player


mp3 player for iphone, ipod and ipad touch

Beat is one of the best music players that are available for iOS. One of the most amazing features is that it supports gesture control. You can use to swipe horizontally to play next and previous song and swiping vertically gesture is assigned to toggles volume controls. But this amazing MP3 Player is only available for iPhone.

Download Beat (iPhone only)


mp3 player for iphone, ipod and ipad touch

As the name of the application its basic idea also revolves around string. Stringer provides a good interface and the songs in the current playlist are shown on string. You can shake your phone to adjust your playlist. There is a feature of adding and removing songs by simply drag songs to the string and by drag them out of the string but this comes with premium feature. This Music Player is only available for iPhone.

Download Stringer (iPhone only)


mp3 player for iphone, ipod and ipad touch

If you love to download songs in bundled and then unable to decide what to play then this is the perfect application for you. Groove simply creates 25 song playlist based on your listening habits, genre, artist or song tags. You can simply choose the playlist which are configurable from 15 to 35 songs and provides amazing UI also.

Download Groove

Musio Free

mp3 player for iphone, ipod and ipad touch

Have you ever used swipe gesture in email apps such as Mail and Mailbox and if you love them then give Musio Free a try. This apps provides you gesture support that allow you to add songs to queue (premium feature) or to your playlist (free). You can use short swipe to add a song to queue or playlist and a longer swipe will removes the song from the queue.

Download Musio Free (iPhone only)

According to these are by far the Best MP3 Player For iPhone, iPod and iPad Touch. You can download any one of them for free. There are also so many other music players available on iTunes which provides you some additional and exceptional features you can also give them a try.

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