Microsoft MSN Bing Apps Coming For iOS and Android

Microsoft MSN Bing Apps Coming For iOS and Android: – Bing is one of the most loving apps and now looking at the popularity Microsoft is going to release this Bing app for iOS and Android both platforms. Still the exact date of release is not finalized but it will be available in 2-3 month.

microsoft msn bing apps coming for iOS

“In the coming months, we will release a suite of MSN app across iOS and Android to complement our corresponding Windows and Windows Phone apps. You only need to set your favorites once, and your preferences will be connected across MSN, Cortana, Bing and other Microsoft experiences,” stated the official Microsoft blog post.

This app is seriously amazing you just need to sync across all the platforms and devices, then the service will automatically show you preferred selections from MSN Sports, MSN money or any other of your preferred service, at your iPad, Android or your PC.

Bing apps that are rebranded to MSN apps are also providing some selected features that were only available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms only, now providing them for both iOS and Android platform. Some of these features are Sports, Food, Health, Fitness and Finance, News and Entertainment.

Microsoft redesigned its MSN website so smartly by giving easy access to the rebranded apps on the top bar. Now you can also easily access to other service like Outlook, Office OneNote, OneDrive, Maps, Facebook, Twitter and Skype from the top bar itself. Have a look at new MSN redesigned website.

microsoft msn bing apps coming for iOS

The basic idea or strategy behind this redesigning of MSN website is that the priorities are mobile phone and internet. People are reading news and accessing internet through their smartphones or tablets rather than computer or laptops.

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