Manage and Maximize your iCloud Storage – Best Way

Manage and Maximize your iCloud Storage:- Apple launched icloud some years back to provide iOS user cloud storage. But it will give only 5GB of space for free. Basically iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service that provide users to store music, photos, applications, documents, bookmarks, remainders, backups, notes, iBooks and contacts. People are using this cloud storage technique because data stored in iCloud can be access from anywhere. iCloud can only be used on iOS based devices running on iOS 5 or later and in personal computer running on OS X 10.7.2. iCloud is a very good technique for backup there iOS device on iCloud instead of doing it manually with iTunes. iCloud must be used by everyone but the problem is with the space provided is only 5GB. If you want to store more than 5GB you have to take subscription. But you can manage wisely so that you can manage in 5GB for this go for the article Manage and Maximize your iCloud storage. Good news is that you can manage through settings app to get full your icloud space provided.

How To Manage and Maximize your iCloud Storage

  • First of all open the settings app in iOS or in your iPad. This will show you so many things you have to choose iCloud. This will show you the iCloud account and also show all the apps that you are using with your iCloud. From here you can control which you want with your iCloud services. There may be many apps that were storing data on your iCloud which you don’t want or you may be unaware of that.

Manage and Maximize your iCloud Storage

  • Now click on “Storage and Backup” this will take you to the page where you will see Total Storage allowed and Available Space. From here you can manage whether you want to make backup or not.

Manage and Maximize your iCloud Storage

  • Now Click on “Manage Storage” it will takes you to new page where you can see backups and storage in details you have in your device. There may be so many apps that you tried but not using those apps right now and those apps are taking space in iCloud storage. From here you can select individual apps and examine them to improve your storage. There must be some apps that are completely unnecessary.
  • It is good to use these types of service efficiently because phone storage is going to be full if we are going to save all the data and documents in phone. These are really good services to use but use them wisely so that you can take maximum output from them.

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