iPhone 6 Specifications, Release Date, News and Rumors

iPhone 6 Specifications , Release Date, News and Rumors:- iPhone 6 is the most awaited phone of year 2014. It is become so popular therefore there are so many rumors about it and they are not going to be end unless and until iPhone 6 is going to be launch. iPhone 6 release date is not fixed till now but it is sure that it is going to be launched in the month of September. From the sources we get that it will be launched in second week of September. Almost all the iPhone users are waiting for the official update from apple so that they can make plans to buy it and experience those amazing features. Company has made so many changes in iPhone 6 but that was not declared officially therefore we can’t say anything about that. But you can collect information about those mind blowing features from this post iPhone 6 Specifications, Release Date, News and Rumors.

iphone 6 specifications

Expected iPhone 6 Specifications

Even we are not sent percent sure about this yes almost 90% of our information is correct about iPhone 6 specifications. There are so many features that are offered by iPhone. Let us discuss some of them. First feature that iPhone is going to offer is display size. iPhone 6 will be available in two different size one size is of 4.7inches and another will be 5.5inches. Now apple users can experience the bigger iPhone. Second interesting feature is its storage capacity. It will allow storage of 16GB, 32GB 64GB and 128Gb. Best part of iPhone is that it always provides CPU according to storage capacity if storage capacity is more than its CPU is also stronger than previous one. We all aware from the camera quality of iPhone therefore we think we don’t need to give stress on this particular feature. In iPhone 6 camera is of 8megapixels according to rumors. Most interest feature that you will get in iPhone 6 it is operating system. iPhone is going to offer is iOS 8. This operating system is not ever been used in any iPhone. so it is completely new for iPhone user and we are sure that are going to love this powerful operating system. Another best thing that you will get in iPhone 6 it is sapphire display. Seriously this is the best thing that you are going to get in iPhone 6. Sapphire display is going to protect your iPhone from scratches also protect finger print scanner below the button and also protects front camera from scratches and other things. There are so many more features that you are going to get in iPhone 6. It is going to offer RAM of 2GB.

iPhone 6 Release Date

iPhone 6 is the most awaited phone of this year everyone is waiting for this handset. There is a lot of buzz about iPhone 6 in people mind. They are waiting willingly to use those amazing feature. But now the wait is very less because iPhone 6 is going to be launch in September most probably in the second week of September. Exact date is still not fixed but rumors are coming that September 9 will be the exact date. This date is not confirmed by officials. Hope you guys can wait till September for this awesome gadget.

Key Specification of iPhone 6

  • iOS 8 is going to introduce in iPhone 6
  • Wireless charging
  • Sapphire Glass
  • NFC Chip
  • Camera quality is also increased
  • A8 Processor
  • 128GB of internal Space

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