Improve Your iCloud Security – Best Ways

Improve Your iCloud Security :- Most of you guys are aware from the last incident of iCloud. So today we have decided to write on this major issue. No doubt iCloud is one of the best cloud storage techniques but with the last incident it is being accused by the users. You guys can do bit addition in the settings to protect yourself from such scams. If you are using iCloud then you must be worried about the pictures that are backed up from iCloud to your phone, regardless the content of the pictures because nobody wants to share their personal photographs with everyone. To improve your iCloud security just read this article once, I m sure these techniques will help you out.

Improve Your iCloud Security

Turn OFF Auto-Upload

You guys must be aware that if you are using iPhone or iPad then all the photos are being uploaded to cloud by default. You can check the photos that are uploaded to the cloud by opening the photos app and the Albums. All the photos that are present in My Photos Stream are stored online. Now Manage these photos from auto upload.

improve your icloud security

  • Method 1 – You have to go for Settings then Photos and Camera then My Photo Stream then OFF. When you did this and Off the settings, this will show you a warning “Turn Off Photo Stream will delete all the Photos Stream Photos from your iPhone”. Tap delete and then you noticed that My Photo Stream album was removed, but this doesn’t affect the local photos and shared photos stream.
  • Method 2 – This method is for Mac users. Mac users can do the same things by System Preference then iCloud then finally uncheck the photos.

You guys don’t want to off auto-upload and also save some photos, then open Photos > Albums > My Photo Stream > Select Picture you don’t want to store online > finally tap the trash button at bottom right.

Two Factor Authentication

We recommend you to adopt two factor authentication for your Apple ID. In two factor authentication it will sends you a code without this code no one can log in to your account. If anyone knows your username and password then also he is unable to get access in your account. This is little inconvenient but adds lot of security.  You can go for this setting through Apple ID Page.

improve your icloud security

  • First of all open the Apple ID Page then Sign in and answer two security questions. Then click on “Get Started” to enable two factor authentication.
  • In order to save your phone details just follow the instruction shown in screenshot.

Stronger Passwords

We suggest you to have a stronger password and different passwords for different accounts just to improve your iCloud security. If you think your password is not so strong then change it with a stronger one. Stronger password must have uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.

  • Open Apple ID Page. Sign in and answer two security questions, then click on Change Password.
  • For iOS devices, open App Store and scroll to the bottom. Then go for Apple ID > Apple ID again > Sign in > New Password. That’s it.

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