How To Uninstall iTunes in Mac OS X

How To Uninstall iTunes in Mac OS X : Mac OS X is one of the best OS available in market. Mac OS X is appreciated by most of the users for its interface and functionality. When we talk about Apple products or Max OS then first thing that came into our mind is iTunes. iTunes is one of the most useful software on Mac OS. You can also say that the iTunes is preferably the most useful application that Apple has ever released. iTunes is an important portal for managing, purchasing and enjoying digital media. But of the users don’t like iTunes and they want to go for the third party application. Everyone has its own personal choice so we can’t say anything to anyone. Here we present with the solution on How To Uninstall iTunes in Mac OS X.

uninstall itunes from Mac OS X

Unlike Windows, iTunes comes preinstalled as a part of Mac OS X. When you try to remove iTunes by simply drag it to the trash then system will stop you by doing this and show you a warning message. This is because Mac OS X considers iTunes as required software by operating system. But don’t worry it is not so difficult to uninstall iTunes in Mac OS X. Just this article How To Uninstall iTunes in Mac OS X.

how to uninstall itunes in mac os x

Fix iTunes Error 3194

How To Uninstall iTunes in Mac OS X

  • First of all launch terminal from the utilities folder within Applications
  • After first step type “cd /Applications/” this command will take you the Applications directory
  • Then type “sudo rm –rf” this command will delete iTunes itself
  • Now Enter the Administrator Password to confirm

If you were thinking about the iTunes Library, Music or any Purchases bought through iTunes. Then don’t worry all the things will remain safe in your Mac. If you again need to download iTunes for any purpose then you can do that by manually downloading iTunes and launch the iTunes installer from Apple’s Website.

Download iTunes

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