How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Photos

How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Photos, Videos and Text:- Today I am going to discuss how to recover deleted Whatsapp photos, videos and text because Whatsapp is now became the most useful and one of the best messaging app. Everyone is using Whatsapp by means of their phone or laptop or PC. Whatsapp is available with almost all platforms like Windows, Android, iOS etc. It also allows you to share images, videos, text messages etc very easily and efficiently. But I am quite sure this must had happened with everyone at least once that he had deleted his chat with someone or he deleted important image that was send by his friend. But now you don’t have to worry about his because recovery of those messages, images or video is now became very easy.

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How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Photos, Videos and Text

  • Method 1:- Whatsapp is really a very smart app for all smartphones because it is automatically backup your files for every seven days at a particular time. If you guys deleted any text, image or video accidently then even you don’t have to worry you just need to uninstall Whatsapp then re install it. When you are trying to re install it will ask you to that you need to install backup file then select yes as option and after installation your data will be available.
  • Method 2:- You guys can go for third party software to recover deleted Whatsapp photos, videos and Text. This is a useful and trustworthy link that I am providing for recovery data. Click here “Recover Messages”. This will guide you to a webpage where you have to provide a link from SD card of your android phone and allow software to scan your SD card. Then software will automatically scan you data and helps you to recover your Whatsapp images, Videos and Text.

how to recover deleted whatsapp photos

Note:- Be patient because it will take some time to recover your data depending upon the size of your file it can takes from few seconds to several minutes.

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