How To Play PS2 Games on PC – Step By Step Guide with Pictures

How To Play PS2 Games on PC: – Have you ever thought of Playing PS2 games on PC. If yes and you are searching for this then you are at right place. Playing PS2 games on PC is not a difficult task but it needs little bit tricky if you are newbie. For such purpose you need an Emulator. Here in this post we are going to provide you the link for Downloading PS2 Emulator so that it becomes possible for playing PS2 games on PC. Bluestacks Emulator Offline Installer. Read this full article “How To Play PS2 Games on PC”.

You can Download PSX2 Emulator for running PS2 games on PC. As far we are concerned this is the best free PS2 Emulator present over the web. You can try any other Emulator but we will suggest you to download this particular Emulator. Download PSX2 Emulator here. If you are PS2 game lover and you cannot afford it by any means then you can go for such tricks. These are the best possible solution for you. For enjoying best experience of PS2 over PC then follow each and every step very carefully.

Why We Choose PSX2 Emulator – Best Optimized

  • We choose and suggest PSX2 Emulator because this comes with Bios and Plugins.
  • It is Optimized for every PC so you need to install this only.
  • Provides Faster Installation.
  • Comes with already set Controllers settings for USB Game-Pad.

How To Play PS2 Games on PC – Installation Guide

  • After downloading this PSX2 Emulator you need to install the rar file and Extract the PSX2 folder to the location where you want to install this.

Guide for Downloading PS2 Games

  • You’ll need the ISO image file of your Games. If you want to download the ISO image of your file you can choose Torrent as your source. If you prefer to buy DVD then you have to make an image of that DVD using Nero or any other Software.
  • Now go for PSX2 folder and start Emulator. After starting Emulator go to Menu > CDVD > ISO. Then you have to Add games from hard disk which you want by clicking on Browse.

how to play ps2 games on pc

  • Once you have Added the game it will be shown in ISO Selector and you can browse between your games from this ISO Selector list.
  • Now you have to perform one more step go to Menu > System > Boot DVD

how to play ps2 games on pc

  • After this your Game will start in new Window. You can toggle that in full screen or screen fit.

Setting Controls

As we said earlier that, Controller Settings are already set for USB Game-Pad therefore you don’t need to set it, but in case you want to change that settings then go for Menu > Config > Controllers (Pad) > Plugin Settings. Play PSP and Xbox Games on Android. 

how to play ps2 games on pc

how to play ps2 games on pc

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