How To Make 2048 Tile Tips and Tricks – Complete Guide

How To Make 2048 Tile Tips and Tricks : 2048 is an amazing puzzle game that challenges you to make a sum of 2048. Basically 2048 is single player 4X4 grid puzzle game in which you have to use your mathematics and swipe the numbers in direction left to right, right to left, up-down and down-up. These are the possible ways to move a number from one place to another and finally combine them to make 2048. According to me 2048 is a fun loving and addictive app that attracts people and challenge their mind. 2048 is low on memory size and requires Android version of 2.3 and above versions. Initially this game become so popular with people and it was launched for all the major platforms like Windows, Android and iOS also. But most of the users are not able to complete this confusing puzzle for those we came with a trick and finally decided to write an article about How to make 2048 tile tips and tricks.

Features of 2048

There are so many amazing features that make this game so popular among people and indulge those users with it.

  • All Languages are supported
  • Supports both Landscape and Portrait mode
  • You can add animations while playing
  • Clear and simple user interface
  • Settings for : When the game ends, toggle animation, toggle sound
  • Supports all devices including Tablets

How To Make 2048 Tile Tips and Tricks – Complete Guide

  • Tip 1 : First and the basic tip to make 2048 tile is DO NOT use Up and Down moves, unless and until you left with no move.
  • Tip 2 : Always try to make the highest number at any of the corner. In this guide we assumed that you have placed the highest number at up left corner as shown in screenshot.

how to make 2048 tile tips and tricks

  • Tip 3 : Now try to arrange the numbers in descending. Like 512(at corner) then 256 >> 128 >> 64 >> 32 because it becomes easier to swipe and combine these numbers.
  • Tip 4 : After arranging the numbers as shown in screenshot simply combine the numbers with its adjacent number and finally to ends up with 2048 tile at the left corner of the 4×4 grid.
One useful Trick To Complete 2048 Tile


Suppose a situation arises where there is no possibility of Right or Left movement only Up and Down options are available. In such case you can Undo your last move and change it. 2048 allows you to undo your five moves which you can use to correct your last movement.

How to make 4096 in 2048 Tile

It is also possible to make 4096 instead of 2048. Yes you read it right you can also make 4096 in the same game. 2048 comes with 3 gameplay option first one is 1024 second is 2048 and the last one is endless. You have to choose Endless option in Games End At option. If you choose this endless option your game continues after you make 2048 tile and with the same tips and trick you can also make 4096 tile at the Up-Left corner of 4X4 grid.

how to make 2048 tile tips and tricks

Hope you like reading this article “How To Make 2048 Tile Tips and Tricks – Complete Guide”. If you stuck in between your game you can contact us via comments.

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