How To Install Bluestacks With 1GB RAM

How to Install Bluestacks with 1GB RAM: – You guys must be aware of the Bluestacks software. This is an Android Emulator which lets you play Android Games on your PC or Laptop. This is an amazing tool to use because you can enjoy all android games on bigger screen. Bluestacks is most popular emulator but it comes with certain terms and condition, of course it is free but it requires some specification in your PC. One of the major requirements is that it needs 2GB of RAM. Most of the users are requesting for the solution so that they can run Bluestacks in 1GB of RAM because most of them are not using graphics card. So here we are with the solution oh How to Install Bluestacks with 1GB RAM. You can run Bluestacks on all popular platforms like Windows 8, Windows 7 or you can also use it on your Mac. When we come with this solution users are thinking that if they install Bluestacks with 1GB RAM then this will hang but that was only a myth. You can read this article how to install Bluestacks with 1GB RAM and fix your issue.

One thing you must know about Bluestacks that it is a heavy tool. You might get error like “Bluestacks Market Not Found”, “Bluestacks Black Screen Problem”, “Bluestacks Failed to Connect to Server”. You can also resolve these problems in very easy and efficient way. But this time just stick to our topic that is How to Install Bluestacks with 1GB RAM.

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How To Install Bluestacks with 1GB RAM – Step by Step Guide

To install Bluestacks with 1GB is not so difficult task. You can just follow these simple steps and install Bluestacks with 1GB RAM. Basic idea behind this trick is that you just need to bypass 2GB RAM verification. Once you bypass this verification you are done and you are free to install Bluestacks with 1GB of RAM or you might do this with less than 1GB RAM. This is bit tricky but with this guide you can easily do this.

  • First of all you need Bluestacks offline version for that click from the link provided. Download Bluestacks Offline Version. Here is catch that you have to install Bluestacks offline installer but doesn’t use split installer.
  • After this you need software named Orca Software. This software allows you to edit windows installer package file (.msi). You can use other software also but we will recommend this particular software. Download Orca Software.
  • After downloading and installing Orca software you have to go to Bluestacks Offline Installer.
  • When you reach at Bluestacks offline installer right click on this and select edit with orca.

how to install bluestacks with 1gb ram


  • Now go to “Launch Condition” after that select “Installed OR Physical Memory => 1024” then “Delete” the condition and press “OK”.

install bluestacks with 1GB RAM

  • Now head towards “InstallExecuteSequence” then check on “Check MsiSignature” and again “Delete” condition then press “OK”.
  • Now check for “GLMODE” for this go to “Properties” then it will show you GLMODE change its value with “False” by double clicking on “True”.
  • Now press “Save” button and you are done.

bluestacks with 1GB

  • Enjoy Bluestacks with 1GB of RAM.

Hope you like this article “How to Install Bluestacks With 1GB RAM”, if you have any problem then please share with us via comment.

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