How To Increase Charging Speed on Android | iOS

How To Increase Charging Speed on Android | iOS : Smartphone is the basic need of today’s life everyone is using it. If you ever thought of buying any smartphone then Battery life is one of the main concerns. Most of the companies are providing good battery backup but after buying the gadget speed of charging device it becomes our main concern. Everyone wants to charge his or her smartphone as soon as possible so today we decided to discuss some tricks on how to increase charging speed on Android and iOS. These are the best ways with which you can charge your phone quickly and use them for the whole day. In this article we are not going to tell you to download some apps or anything infact we are going to discuss some real life facts. Read How to Increase Charging Speed on Android or iOS.

Before going to discuss any tips we would like to clear one thing that is with these tips and tricks you are not going to get more battery life out of phone. These tricks only help you in increasing charging speed on iOS and Android.

How To Increase Charging Speed on Android | iOS

Switch it OFF or Choose Settings

how to increase charging speed on android

You can switch off your device in order to speed up charging. If your device is off then it doesn’t have anything to do except charging because an off device can’t search for Wi-Fi, GPS or hop on a 4G network. It you don’t want to switch off your device put it on Airplane Mode. But you’ve to avoid using it because your screen is the biggest way to drain battery.

Most of the people don’t want to switch off the device for such people we advice to off your mobile data, Wi-Fi and GPS location and put phone idle. Also decrease your phone’s brightness to the lowest point and keep the screen off as long as possible.

Use Right Adapter and Cable

how to increase charging speed on android

You have to choose the right adapter and cable to charge your device because each charger has a power and they work on the specific range. So if you change your adapter then there may be chances that you choose the adapter with lower power range. Therefore we advise you to charge your device with the charger that came up with the box.

Cable is also an important thing because the cable has to be compatible with the Adapter because if both adapter and cable are not compatible then adapter is not able to deliver the exact power to the smartphone battery. For proper charging we’ll advice to stick we the charger and the cable provided with the box.

Avoid USB Charging

how to increase charging speed on android

We all know that our smartphone can be charged through laptop’s USB Port. But this way your smartphone will take much longer time to get charged. There are few reasons for this.

As we said that your phone needs proper power supply for fast charging but with USB ports we usually get 0.5A power and the power provided by usual wall charger is 1.0A. Another reason to avoid USB Port charging is that when we connect our device with Laptop it starts syncing immediately which causes your phone to charge even more slowly.

Removes Covers and Cases

Most of the users uses covers and cases for protecting their smartphone. It is a good idea but we’ll advice you to remove cover and case because battery of smartphones uses lithium-ion which a principle of a cooler battery is a better battery. So by removing covers and cases helps you in dropping temperature while charging.

Hope you liked these advice and follow the suggestions. These are the most effective ways if you want to increase charging speed on iOS or Android. If you have more suggestions then let us know through comments.

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