How To Get Paid Apps For Free on Android

How To Get Paid Apps For Free on Android : Android is one of the most popular OS now days and one of the biggest reasons for this popularity is the Apps provided by the Android platform. Android provides so many good apps in every field and you can use them in your day to day life. Seriously, Android users love apps or if they get the paid apps for free then it becomes the best thing of their day. Here in this tutorial read how to get paid apps for free on Android.  We don’t believe in piracy or hack the app there are so many legal ways from which you can get the paid apps for free on Android. Here in this article we provide such legal ways to download Android paid apps for free.

There are several reasons to buy an app. You also have noticed that there are limited features provided by app developer for trial bases. If you want to use full features of any particular app then you have to download the pro version of that application. But here you get the trick for downloading paid apps for free on Android. All the methods discussed here are legal and provide you the full app for free. Read our article How To Download Paid Apps for Free on Android.

how to get paid apps for free on android

How To Get Paid Apps for free on Android

Here we discussed several ways to download the paid apps for free on Android. You read this full article and download the app of your choice for free.

Amazon App of the Day

Amazon App Store is the second best App Store available now days. Daily Amazon provides an offer for their users so that they can download one paid app for free. This is just to grab the attention from the user and make their app store popular. You can’t download the apps directly from the app store you need to register yourself with Amazon. You can also choose to download Free App Notifier which reminds you about the daily alerts.

how to get paid apps for free on android

You are not allowed to download the Amazon App Store from the Google Play Store so you need to download the apk file and then install it to your Android. Before installing the apk don’t forget to check the box for allowing installing from Unknown Source.

Download Amazon App Store


AppGratis is one of my favorite applications because it offers one app for free download daily. You can choose AppGratis as your App Store because it provides so many other good offers also. You can download apps on discount if it was not available for free.

how to get paid apps for free on android

But there is one limitation with AppGratis that is some of the free apps are not eligible for the update means when update is provided by the app developer you are not able to do that. So be prepared for these types of things.

Download Android Apps For Free With AppGratis

Google Play Surveys

Google Play Surveys is the official methods to get the paid apps for free on Android. In this you have to earn the rewards by completing Google Play Surveys. Google Play will offer you some credits for completing the surveys. This is a good option because it requires little time from your day and according to us it is worth to do this in exchange of some dollars.

how to get paid apps for free on android

Google Play Surveys are limited. You can complete only one survey per week and one of the most important things is that every Google Play Survey is not liable to pay. Even I had read that some users are complaining that they are not giving the reward even after completing the survey.

Complete Google Play Survey and Get Android Apps for Free

App Of the Day

App of the day is quite similar to AppGratis and Amazon. It provides you daily a paid app for free or on discount offers. These free apps are available for limited time therefore you have to active to grab that free app quickly.

how to get paid apps for free on android

There are lots of versions of this app available so you have to download the app according to your location and Android version. There are some apps like AppSales that allows you to add app of your interest in wish list and it will notify you when that app comes for sale or available on discount offer.

Download Apps of the Day and Get Android Apps for Free on Android

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