How To Extract .apk File On Android Phone

As we know that Android is the most popular OS now days. Most of the people are choosing Android because of its amazing features and it is easily available at cheaper price. Another big reason for Android success is that there are so many Android Apps. Android devices are very much flexible in every perspective you can easily change install custom ROMs to change its UI. Android provides you a big store for downloading apps and other useful stuffs like eBook, Movies etc. While installing or downloading you have noticed that there is an option for installing the apps. Once the app is installed you can’t share it with other without its .apk file. Our today’s article is devoted to this topic only that is how to extract .apk file on Android Phone.

When you are downloading any app from Google Play Store it allows you to download and install the app. When the app is installing .apk file was already present in that but you didn’t get it easily you have to extract it. Once you got the .apk file of the app you can easily share it with others. There are some applications that are available on Google Play Store that allows you to extract .apk file of the app which you want to share with others. Read How to Extract .apk File on Android Phone.

How to Extract .apk File on Android Phone

Use Apk Extractor To Extract .Apk File

Apk extractor is one of the most popular Android Applications which is available on Google Play Store to extract .apk file on an app for free. It also allows you to take backups of the app and move it into SD card or another device. You can also upload the file in Google Drive. This app will extract the .apk files of the pre-installed apps and compatible with Android Version 2.2-5.0.

extract .apk file on android

  • First of all download Apk Extractor from Google Play Store – Download.
  • Once you’ve downloaded Apk Extractor when you open the app you’ll see a list of installed applications on your device.
  • Now select the app whose .apk file you want to get.
  • You can directly share the .apk file from the app itself with share option.
Extract File With ES Files Explorer

ES File Explorer is the most downloaded File Manager on Google Play Store. File manager is the most important thing on any Android device. Almost everyone uses it for managing their file on the device. And the most interesting thing is that you can extract the .apk files from this ES File Explorer itself. No need to download any other specific app for extracting .apk files of the application. Download this multipurpose app and save your phones’ memory space. Now question arises how to extract .apk file on Android with ES File Explorer. For this you have to follow the steps discussed below :

extract .apk file on android

  • First of all download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store – Download.
  • Once the download is complete open the application.
  • Now navigate to tool menu. There select Application manager.
  • In Application Manager you’ll find the list of apps installed on your device.
  • Simply select the app whose .apk file you want to create.
  • Now click o n Backup and your file starts extracting.
  • Now browser the path were you want to save the file.

These are the two most useful applications with which you can Extract .apk File on Android Phone. There are also number of apps available on Google Play Store which allows you to extract .apk files but these are the best and simplest methods as per our knowledge.

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