How To Create Hidden Folders in Mac OS X

How To Create Hidden Folders in Mac OS X : Mac OS X is one of the popular operating systems available now days. Mac OS X provides good interface and most of the users loved to use this Mac OS X. But most of the Mac OS X users are not even aware of the tips and tricks of it. We are going to discuss one of the amazing tricks of Mac OS X that is How To Create Hidden Folders in Mac OS X. Seriously this is an amazing tricks Windows users are using this trick from most of time but most of the Mac users are missing it somehow. If you want to create such folders then you have to read “How To Create Hidden Folders in Mac OS X”.

how to create hidden folders in mac os x

Creating a hidden folder is not a difficult job you just have to follow the steps discussed below. Creating hidden folders will help you to improve your privacy and it is such an easy task to do. In this article we are going to discuss how to create hidden folders in Mac OS X and with this we’ll also tell you how to access that folder easily, how to create an existing folder hidden and make a hidden folder existing. According to us this a complete reference for making a folder hidden and access that folder. Read How To Create Hidden Folders in Mac OS X.

How To Create Hidden Folders in Mac OS X

  • Creating such folders is not a difficult job just proceeding as we are guiding you.
  • Launch the Terminal located at the Application > Utilities.
  • At command line type “Bhupesh .hiddenfolder” that all.

Note : Don’t put inverted commas and feel free to replace the name of the hidden folder. We suggest you to put space or special characters in between name of the folder so that you can access it easily in future whenever you need it.

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How To Access the Hidden Folder in Mac OS X

  • For this click on the Finder and the press Command+Shift+G together to open “Go To Folder” dialog box.
  • Now type the full path to the folder which you want to search like /users/username/ .hiddenfolder

how to create hidden folders in mac os x

  • After this your hidden folder will open in Finder you can easily move this folder to another folder or directory.

Note : Replace the username with your username and hiddenfolder with the folder name which you have given.

Make Existing Folders Hidden and Hidden Folders Visible

You can actually make any folder invisible from Finder and most of the apps just by adding a period to the front of the name with the command line:

mv Folder .Folder

And you can reverse the action by reversing and removing the period from the front like

mv .Folder Folder

Limitation for Hidden Folders

There are some limitations to such tricks in Mac OS X like these hidden folders are not completely hidden, they are just not visible from the Mac OS X Finder and many other applications too. But various FTP programs can see these hidden folder likewise if someone type Is –a command then those hidden folder would become visible.

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