How To Block Ads in Android Without Root : Adguard App

How To block Ads in Android without Root : Even you are also one of the person who is suffering from unwanted ads and seriously these ads are very annoying. Almost every Android user wants to take rid of these ads. You might have also checked for blocking ads on your Android but most of the solutions for removing ads on android require rooting. Today we are here discussing how to block ads in android without root. There are also so many other apps other than Adguard who can remove ads but believe us this Adguard is the best and also provides so many other features and customization. Read How To Block Ads in Android Without Root : Adguard App.

AdGuard can guarantee you that it can eliminate all the ads from all the applications, web browsers, email or elsewhere on the phone. Another benefit of this Adguard is that it can block dangerous websites and don’t allow anyone to track your internet activities. There are chances that you might be thinking why should you choose Adguard for removing such confusions we have list down the features of Adguard.

how to block ads in android without root

AdGuard For Android Amazing Features
  • One of the best parts of AdGuard is that it is very easy to configure. Once the installation of AdGuard completes is automatically blocks ads for you. Another most important thing is that you can block ads with AdGuard without rooting your Android device.
  • AdGuard is one of the best software for blocking ads because it uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to control what you see on your phone so there is no need for additional remote connections.
  • Another amazing feature of AdGuard is that it will perform ad-blocker/privacy app things. It’ll automatically blocks loading and opening malicious websites. It will also scan the apps downloaded from unknown sources for malicious code.
  • AdGuard will also perform traffic compression so that you can also save data on your Android device. With this traffic compression you can browse websites faster. According to us this AdGuard is the must have app for every Android device.

How To Block Ads in Android Without Root

For blocking the ads on your Android device you’ve to download and install the AdGuard app in your Android device. We want to tell you that AdGuard is not available on Google Play Store therefore you’ve to download this from apk itself.

  • So first of all download AdGuard apk from the link provided.
  • Once the apk file is downloaded search the file on your Android device using file manager then tap this apk file for installing the app.
  • But before installing this apk don’t forget to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Once the installation is complete it will automatically block ads on your Android device.

Hopefully this article “How To Block Ads in Android Without Root : Adguard App” helped you in blocking ads on your Android device. If you face any issues then let us know via comments we will fix those issues as soon as possible.

Download AdGuard App Apk File

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