Google Launches Guest Mode For Chrome Beta – Improve Security

Google Launches Guest Mode For Chrome Beta :- Few days ago Google introduced a new feature to improve its security called as Guest Mode. Google always worried about the security and time to time it provides new features, sometime features are for Gmail or sometime for different programs. But this Guest Mode feature is just awesome. It is going to save so many careless guys who give their computers or laptops to someone without signed out from their accounts. As you read the name of the new feature is Guest Mode, its work is also like the same I don’t think that I have to explain more about it. But you must know how to use it that you will learn first go through the feature then download it. One of the best news is that Google launches guest mode for chrome beta version in OSX or Linux too.

Remember the time when one of your friends asks for your laptop and you gave it. It’s quite easy for him to retrieve your personal data easily, to safe you guys from these pranks Google introduced this Guest Mode. When you gave your laptop to your friend he will use it as a Guest, means he will get a fresh window without any personalization or signed in with a Google Account. This guest mode will sync all your settings, themes and bookmarks.

This new Guest Mode is really an awesome feature for the sake of security. It will going to save you from so many pranks from friends or improves the security that was the primary concern of every user.

How To Use The New Guest Mode Feature

  • First of all you have to download this. Download.
  • When you downloaded the program and after installation you’ll see the change.
  • Google Chrome Beta will show the current user in a small drop down menu in the top of the right corner.

Guest mode for chrome beta

  • From this menu you can change between the users.

Hope this New Guest Mode For Chrome Beta Feature will going to help Chrome Beta users. If you have any doubts you can ask via comment.

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