Google News Extension – Best Way To Stay Updated

Google Chrome is offering too many extensions for their users to get updated. One of the most useful and best extensions that were provided by Google Chrome is Google News Extension. This is really a very useful extension to use because it helps in collecting day to day knowledge. You guys can use this or at least you can try this at once. Google News extension is available for free therefore you can try this without hesitation.

google news extension

How to use Google News Extension

To use Google News Extension you need to enable the extension by following these simple steps:

  • Then Click on “+FREE”. You must have to login with Gmail to enable this.
  • After this automatically Google News Extension enables and starts appearing in your Apps.

How Google News Extension Works

Basically Google News is a computer generated news site that aggregates the headlines from different platforms and shows that news to you. It will show news according to the interest of the user or reader. No one can read the whole newspaper each and every day, so Google News Extension divides the news in different goners like Top Stories, India, and Entertainment etc. reader can pick his or her goner and collect the useful information. You can improve your general knowledge from this also you should not go through that boring newspaper daily.

Features of Google News Extension

  • Personalized News : No need of reading the whole newspaper or listen to news channel just one click and your news is in front of you.
  • Alert : – You can sign up to receive the weekly or daily updates of your news.
  • You can directly read from your mobile phone if you have data plan.
  • You can subscribe to RSS and Atom Feeds in your favorite feed reader.

I personally think you guys must give this app a try to stay updated in each and every field.

if you have any problem in enabling Google New Extension then connect us via comment.

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