Google Drive For Android Gets Update

Google Drive For Android Gets Update :- Most of the users must be aware of the Google Drive. Before few days Google Drive for Android gets update which is loved by the users. Seriously this is an amazing update which makes lot of work easy. If you are not aware of the update you can go to Google Play Store and download it. You can get Google Drive for free and then all your stuff like files, folders, documents or videos are with you always you can access them from smartphone, tablet or computer. All your documents are backed up and you can easily share them with friends, family or anyone. You can comments on your files or images and invite other to do that also.

Google Drive For Android Gets Update

Google Drive For Android Gets Update – New Features

  • Now you can scan receipts or bills and save them as PDF and later you can easily search them whenever you need.
  • New Google Drive allows you to view your files in large preview and allow you to swipe between files. This is really an amazing feature.
  • If you are viewing any file and you need to download it on your Android then you can easily copy those files directly from Google Drive from settings option.
  • This new Google Drive update provides an amazing feature that was known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This OCR can search a word through scanned documents you don’t need to upload a word file so that scanning can become easy. This OCR feature can search through images also.
  • Now you can edit images in Google Sheets with new editing experience.

Key Features of Google Drive Update

  • View documents, images, files and more
  • Search files with name and content
  • You can access recent files easily
  • File and folders can be easily shared with friends
  • You can view files and folder offline also

Now you can download Google Drive for Free – Download Google Drive

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