Google Chrome Updates Are Disabled By The Administrator Fixed

Google chrome updates are disabled by the administrator : Since the Google Chrome was launched it was became the most loved browsers. Most of the users are switched to Google Chrome from their usual browsers and almost every one of them praised Google Chrome. Google Chrome becomes too popular from when it was launched just because of its amazing features, good user interface and mind blowing speed. Yes Google Chrome is far faster than other browsers therefore it became the every ones first choice. Google chrome is also compatible with all the popular operating systems like Windows, iOS, Vista etc. Being one of the best browsers it also has some issues today we are going to discuss one of them. Read in this article how to fix Google Chrome updates are disabled by the administrator.

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If you are also getting this error Google Chrome Updates are disabled by the Administrator then believe us it is quite simple to fix just follow the steps discussed below. In order to fix this we have to manually change the “value data of update default”. By default, Google Chrome automatically updates itself to make sure you are running the safest and the best optimized version of chrome. Sometimes this process hiccups and therefore you have to adjust it manually.

How To Fix Google Chrome Updates are Disabled by the Administrator Windows 8.1

  • First of all go to Run by pressing Windows Button + R
  • Then type Regedit in the search bar

google chrome updates are disabled by the administrator

  • Now navigate to HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Update

google chrome updates are disabled by the administrator

  • Then double click on the UpdateDefault

google chrome updates are disabled by the administrator

  • Here change the value from 0 to 1
  • Now finally Restart chrome and try to update

This is the best and most effective way of fixing Google chrome updates are disable by the admin on windows 8.1/ windows 7/ windows 8. If you face any issue in these steps then feel free to ask us.

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