How To Fix Windows Phone Error 805A8011 While Downloading And Installing Apps

Fix Windows Phone Error 805A8011 : As we know that windows phones are becoming popular day by day. So the number of users are increasing therefore they start facing new errors or issues also. Today we are here to deal with one of them that are how to fix error code 805a8011 on windows phone. If you are one of the victims of this error code 805a8011 on your windows phone then read full article “How to Fix Windows Phone Error 805A8011 Phone While Downloading And Installing Apps”.

Error Code 805A8011 on Windows Phone

Windows phone users who are constantly getting this error they said that this error 805A8011 encounters while they install or download any app or game from windows store. This is one of the most common error on windows phone and believe us it is quite easy to fix windows phone error 805a8011 while downloading and installing apps or game. When you get this error you’ll notice that you are unable to access email and sms, unable to access email+account options and WhatsApp also doesn’t connect to internet. Now it’s time to finally fix this error code 805a8011 on windows phone.

fix windows phone error 805a8011

How To Fix Windows Phone Error 805A8011

Method 1 : Create Space on Windows Device

Sometime insufficient space on disk also provokes  these types of error so kindly delete some unnecessary files like audio, videos etc. When you found 500 MB of space on your windows device try downloading or installing the app or game.

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Method 2 : Sync Account Manually

fix windows phone error 805a8011

If method 1 doesn’t help you try this method. Now in this method you have to manually sync  your Microsoft account. For doing this go to Settings >> Email + Account then long tap on Microsoft Account it will show option for sync. Hopefully this will fix your issue.

Method 3 : Reset your Windows Phone

If none of the above method worked for you then you left with only resetting your device. But first we would recommend you to perform soft reset because in this your data will not lost but if this also fails you have to perform hard reset and it will delete all your previous data so first take backup of your important stuff.

Perform Soft Reset

Sometimes soft reset helped you out in fixing error code 805a8011 on windows phone. So if you want to do so follow the steps given below :

  • First of all switch off your device and the switch it on.
  • Now press and hold Power Button + Volume Down Button and when you feel vibration release all buttons.
  • After this your device will restarts automatically and you are done with the process of soft reset.

fix windows phone error 805a8011

Perform Hard Reset

Before doing hard reset think twice because it will erase all your data. We will advise you to first take backup then proceed if you wish to perform this hard reset.

  • First of all go to Settings then About
  • Now simply tap on Reset Your Phone
  • That’s all you have performed hard reset on your windows device

These three are possibly the best fix for Error Code 805a8011 on Windows Phone. But if you have better suggestions then you are welcome to share those through comments.

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