Fix Windows 10 Black Screen Issue | Ways to Solve Black Screen in Windows 10

Fix Black Screen in Windows 10 Issue : Now days Windows 10 is the most popular OS available, most of the previous windows users are switching to Windows 10 from their usual Windows OS. Windows 10 brings so many new features and lot of improvement from last versions therefore this version becomes too popular in very short span of time. In spite of all these amazing features lot of users are reporting new issues in windows 10 this is just because they are not familiar with this operating system. But seriously those users don’t need to worry about any issue because we are here to solve them. Today we going to discuss how to fix windows 10 black screen issues, yes we know that this issue is not new it was faced in almost every version of windows but this article is just to help our reader so that they can easily fix windows 10 black screen issue on their device.

fix windows 10 black screen

Symptoms of Black Screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 users said that their computer stuck in black screen. We read some forums and came to know that there are also other windows 10 users who are facing the same situations but with other cases. Some said that they are updating from windows 8.1 to 10 with ISO and after reboot it just hangs on black screen. Some users faced this black screen in windows 10 during installation and some faced the same situation during booting. Within this black screen there are different cases like Windows 10 stuck on black screen with cursor and in certain cases windows 10 stuck without cursor.

fix windows 10 black screen

How To Fix Windows 10 Black Screen Issue

The solutions which we have discussed are working for all laptops, PCs, notebook including all companies. In order to fix windows 10 black screen issue follow the methods discussed below.

Solution 1 : Update Drivers

If your display drivers are not up to date or not compatible with windows 10 then this black screen issue can occur in windows 10.

  • First of all download the drivers from the link provided and then install it.
  • We are assuming that you have installed display drivers then launch it and allow it to check the driver issues.
  • If you found any display driver is damaged, missing or corrupted then this driver will inform you. Once you found issue is associated with display drivers then update it to the latest display driver.

Download Display Drivers

Solution 2 : Check External Devices

You have to check for external devices because there might be the chances that this black screen issue in windows 10 can be caused due to external devices. So first unplug all the external devices and check whether this black screen issue occurs. If black screen didn’t occur then plug in the devices one by one and check which device is creating the issue and try to fix that particular device.

Solution 3 : Disable Fast Startup

  • First of all go to control panel and then select power options.
  • Under power option select “Choose what the power button does”.
  • Then click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.
  • Then disable “Turn on fast Startup”.

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