Fix Google Play Store Error 194 : While Downloading or Updating

Fix Google Play Store Error 194 : As we know Google Play Store is the largest store with almost apps for every purpose whether it is Media, Launcher, Movies or anything else. Almost every Android users uses Google Play Store for downloading or updating official apps because it ensures stable and virus free apps. Downloading or updating apps from Google Play Store is the most trusted and easiest method. Sometimes even you guys have noticed that Apps cannot be downloaded or updated due to Google Play Store Error. There are some common Google Play Store Errors like Google Play Store Error 921, Google Play Store Error 403, Google Play Store Error 905 and many more are there. Today we are discussing another common Google Play Store Error 194. If you are also one of the victims of Play Store Error 194 then we would suggest you to read How To Fix Google Play Store Error 194.

Why Play Store Error 194 Arises?

Before we start discussing how to fix Google play store error 194 we need to discuss why this error arises. According to us following reasons are the main cause for error 194 on Google Play Store.

  • Google Play Store Cache and Data
  • Uninstall Latest Google Play Store Update
  • Network Connection

There might be some more reasons behind this issue but these are the most common and if you fix these things your error will hopefully solved.

fix google play store error 194

How To Fix Google Play Store Error 194

Clearing Cache and Data
  • This is one of the most effective solutions for fixing any Google Play Store Error. We would recommend you to clear cache and data for Google Play Store and Google Play Services.
  • To Clear Cache and Data simply Go to Settings >> Apps >> Google Play Store>> Clear Cache and Data.
  • Follow same steps with Google Play Services and Google Play Framework.
Remove and Add Google Account

There might be chances that your Google Account is creating issue while downloading and updating apps. So we would recommend you to remove the account and add that again.

  • Go to Settings >> Account >> Google Account and Remove
  • Reboot your device
  • Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Add your Account again
Uninstall Latest Google Play Store Update
  • If you had recently updated Google Play Store then we’ll suggest you to uninstall that update because sometimes it creates conflicts and also cause other kinds of errors.
  • To uninstall the latest update go to Settings >> Apps >> Google Play Store >> Uninstall Updates.
  • Now try to install the App for which you are getting Error 194.

Here we discussed three methods in order to fix Google Play Store Error 194. In case you face any issues or difficulties then don’t hesitate ask it via comments.

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