Fix Error Code 2000-0146 on Dell Laptop – HDD Error

Fix Error Code 2000-0146 on Dell Laptop HDD Error : Few days ago I had faced this error 2000-0146 on my dell laptop. Basically this error occurs when I was trying to boot up my device and suddenly it shows an error saying that it couldn’t read files correctly and it requires reboot. Then I decided to perform reboot and I ran the diagnostics and got an error 2000-0146 on the HDD. Then I start searching and finally got one working criterion but that method was so difficult and quite clumsy. Then after doing some more research on this error code 2000-0146 I came up with the perfect and easiest solution which I want to share with you guys. Read how to fix error code 2000-0146 on dell laptop.

fix error code 2000-0146

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Basically this error is attached to your HDD. But don’t worry you can easily fix this error 2000-0146 just read and follow the steps carefully. Error 2000-0146 generally occurs when you are trying to boot your device. When your device shows error 2000-0146 then all other applications of your device stop responding and your whole system freezes. This error occurs when some sector of your HDD gets corrupt then it won’t allow you to do your tasks. Here we discussed some methods to fix error code 2000-0146 on dell laptop HDD.

Reasons for Error Code 2000-0146

  • One of the main reasons for this error is Fluctuation in power supply. To overcome this issue we advise you not to connect the laptop directly to main switch. You can use UPS as intermediate between laptop and power supply. UPS will not damage your hard disk if you have fluctuating power supply.
  • Another reason for this error code “2000-0146” is over charging of laptop. Most of the users didn’t disconnect power supply even if their laptop is fully charged.
  • If there was improper earting then also you can get this error code on your dell laptop.

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How To Fix Error Code 2000-0146 on Dell Laptop – HDD Error

  • For fixing this issue you need to change the BIOS Setting
  • For this go to Bios Settings and check HDD
  • If you find that HDD is changed from SATA drive to AHCI SATA then change it to SATA drive
  • After all this don’t forget to save the settings
  • Don’t forget to backup your HDD Data because sometime you need to format and Install System on Hard disk again.
  • You can choose to boot the drive in Safe Mode and transfer your data. If you want to enter into Safe Mode then press F8 repeatedly while booting.
  • These solutions will only work if the drive can still spin up and maintain normal operations. If you device is not able to perform the normal operation then you left with no option expect changing the HDD.

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