Fix Error 905 Play Store : Unable To Download or Update App

Fix Error 905 Google Play Store Android  : Now days most of the Android users are struggling with Error 905 on Play Store. Basically these types of error arise when you try to update or download an application from Google Play Store. And it becomes worse when you feel that it is becoming impossible for you to download anything from Google Play Store. Today onwards you don’t need to felt helpless whenever you receive this error 905 here in this article we’ve  discussed how to fix error 905 play store. As per users we came to know that Error 905 is common in Lollipop but it is not so that you’ll don’t get this error in any other version of Android. Most of the Android users said that this error is more common with large apps or games like Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Word, Excel Asphalt 8, Monument Valley, Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft etc. Read how To Fix Error 905 Google Play Store.

fix error 905 play store

How To Fix Error 905 Play Store : While Downloading/Installing or Updating Apps Google Play Store

Method 1 : Keep Screen on During Download Apps from Google Play Store

This is the easiest trick through which you can avoid Error 905 on Google Play Store. We are advising this to you because sometime when your screen goes off Wi-Fi disconnects and ended with some errors.

fix error 905 play store

  • First Go to settings >> Display >> Sleep >> Set it to 30 minutes
  • Now go to Google Play Store and try to update or install Apps
  • If this doesn’t work for you then proceed to next suggested method
Method 2 : Close Background Apps
  • Go to Settings >> Apps

fix error 905 play store

  • Then slide and go to Running Apps and then select apps one by one and close them
  • Now open Play Store and hopefully Error 905 didn’t bother you again
Method 3 : Uninstall the latest Google Play Store Update

fix error 905 play store

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded
  • Scroll a bit and Select Google Play Store >> Uninstall Updates
  • Now try downloading the Apps from Google Play Store

These are all the possible solutions for Error 905 on Google Play Store Android. If you have some better ways to Fix Error 905 Play Store then please comment it below and share it with others.

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