Fix Dota 2 Common Issues and Errors

Fix Dota 2 Common Issues and Errors : Dota is one of the most popular multiplayer online games developed by Valve Corporation. Dota multiplayer online game is available for free to play and there are millions are users available. Dota is basically an action game in which you have to make a team of five people online and then battle begins between two teams. Most of Dota users are parsing its control, powers, gameplay and its three dimensional environment. Few months ago second version of Dota is launched that is Dota 2. The most amazing part of Dota 2 is that it is available for all the major platforms that are Windows, Linux and OS X.

The gameplay of Dota 2 goes like this. Dota 2 is played in matches involving two teams of five players, each of which occupies a stronghold at a corner of the map. Each stronghold contains a building called the “Ancient”, which the opposite team must destroy to win the match. Each player controls a “Hero” character and focuses on levelling up, collecting gold, acquiring items and fighting against the other team to achieve victory.

fix dota 2 common issues and errors

Recently we came to know that Dota 2 users are facing some issue those are common among all the users. So we finally decided to write the solution of those errors. Read this full article to Fix Dota 2 Common Issues and Errors. Issues which we are going to consider here are Dota 2 general errors, crashes, freezes, graphics tweaks and performance fixes. If you are facing any one of them then read the full article and finally fix Dota 2 Common Issues and Errors.

How To Fix Dota 2 Common Issues and Errors

Fix Dota 2 : Crashes or Fails to Launch

Most of the users complaint that their game is crashing continuously and sometime it won’t start. To fix this crash issue we found a simple solution in which you have to add”-autoconfig” or “-safe” commands. To add these commands just follow these simple steps :

  • Go to Steam >> Library >> Right Click on the game
  • Now select Properties >> Set Launch Options
  • If it shows any launch option removes it and type –autoconfig or –safe and then OK
  • That’s it now launch your game and enjoy

fix dota 2 common issues and errors

Fix Dota 2 : Not Responding Error

This issue is also too common with the users. When they launch their game it crashed and show “not responding”. As we research and found out that there may be some third party app that is conflicting with the game. You can also check your drivers and make sure that they are up to date and sometime simply changing the compatibility mode can also fix the issue. You can also try running the game as admin or if none of them works then you have to go for fresh installation of game.

Fix Dota 2 : Game Failed to Launch

fix dota 2 common issues and errors

There may be several reasons behind this issue so you can pin point the one. But if you look at general cases then most of the time directx or GPU drivers are the main reasons. You can also try to add –nod3d9ex command in the launch options of Stream. You are not able to find the specific reason then we’ll suggest you to go for the fresh installation.

Fix Dota 2 : Crashes During Loading or Queue

This is also one of the most common errors. But this is the easiest one to fix for that simply change the aspect ratio from 4:3 to any other ratio before starting the game. That’s all.

Fix Dota 2 : No Stream Login Error
  • First of all clear game cache.
  • If that didn’t work then go to Dota 2 Options >> Game >> Network and Set Quality to Low.
  • You can also choose to create a shortcut on the desktop and start the game using “-tcp” command in the target of shortcut.
Fix Dota 2 : Can’t Connect to Games

Basically these type of issues are not persistent they automatically solve with the time. But you can check your firewall or security tool because sometime they block the game. You can also try to restart your router or there might be chances that something went wrong with the servers or your ISP.

These all are the common issues faced by Dota 2 users. Here we provide the entire possible fix Dota 2 Common Issues and Errors. If you are facing some issue which we forget to discuss then let we know we’ll solve the issue ASAP.

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