Fix Bluestacks Installation and Runtime Problems

Fix Bluestacks Installation and Runtime Problems :- Bluestacks is one of the best emulators present in market. With Bluestacks you can run all the Android Games on your PC. This is the easiest method to run Android games on PC by using an emulator. But now a day’s most of the users of Bluestacks facing some common problems while installation and runtime of the Apps. So here we gathered some problems and discuss how to fix Bluestacks installation and runtime problems. If you are also getting any problem like this then go through the article to solve them. Now, let us discuss “Fix Bluestacks Installation and Runtime Problems”.

fix bluestacks installation and runtime problems

Bluestacks Installation Problems

Most of the Bluestacks users are facing issues while downloading and installing the Bluestacks on Windows PC. We gathered some problems and explored them, and finally we found that errors are coming due to multiple reasons. It may be due to incompatibility with your PC’s hardware, or the setup file itself. So next time you try to install Bluestacks on PC first check system configuration.

Bluestacks Graphics Error Fixed

  • Graphics Cards with Updated Drivers:- Bluestacks doesn’t perform operations that require high graphics but some of the Android Games need it therefore Graphics card drivers must be updated.
  • Minimum 2GB of RAM:- It looks very simple to use Bluestacks on PC but it requires lot of background processes to complete the particular action. Therefore you need minimum of 2 GB of RAM to install Bluestacks.

Dock Issue

  • Some users’ complaint about Dock Conflict issue while installing Bluestacks, this occurs because your system has a running dock program. Bluestacks is not compatible with the dock programs. So you have to first uninstall dock programs then install Bluestacks.

Apps Installation Problems

  • There may be problems after the complete installation on Bluestacks. These problems occur when you try to install Apps. To avoid these type of issues you must install Apps from the Bluestacks market from the given search option.
  • You can also download apk file from the web and install it after downloading. To install apk file you don’t need to double click then install it, I will suggest using Android file manager app inside Bluestacks and opening the apk file through Bluestacks itself.

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