Fix Bluestacks Black Screen Problem

Fix Bluestacks Black Screen Problem :- Now days most of the users are complaining about this Bluestacks Black Screen Problem. This might occur because of your App or your Graphics Card; these two are the most common reason of this error to occur. You can read complete guide on “Fix Bluestacks Black Screen Problem”. Sometime this problem is associated with a particular app not with the whole Bluestacks but most of the users are not aware of this problem therefore they are going to reinstall the whole Bluestacks software again. This must be the last option that should be adopted.

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How To Fix Bluestacks Black Screen Problem

There are many ways to fix this issue and seriously this is not a big issue you can solve this easily. I am going to discuss three methods on How To Fix Bluestacks Black Screen Problem and I am quite sure that this problem is get solved.

fix bluestacks black screen problem

  • Method 1: – As we said before that this problem may be associated with a particular app so you must have to check for that issue first. For this restart Bluestacks and try to launch other app if that app is running means your previous app that you were trying to run has the issue. So must reinstall that app and your problem is solved.
  • Method 2: – May be issue is associated with your Nvidia Graphics Card. To solve graphics card problem you have to manipulate its settings.
  • First of all open settings for Nvidia Graphics Card.
  • Then go to Manage 3D Settings >> Program Settings >> Add Buttons >> Add Bluestacks Frontend >> finally turn off the Threaded Optimization Option.
  • Now restart Bluestacks and you are done.
  • Method 3: – You can also trying to update your Graphics card if none of the above method works for you. For this go to the official site and download the latest version of driver. Then uninstall the previous one and install the latest one. After this restart, your PC and I am sure your problem is solved.

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