Firefox Update For Mac, Android, Linux and Windows

Firefox Update For Mac, Android, Linux and Windows:- One of the most popular browser is Mozilla Firefox which must be known by everyone, most of the users are using it too in their smartphones or PC’s. Firefox is an open source web browser developed for Windows, OS X and Linux. You can get Firefox for Android version also. Few days ago Firefox released an update for both desktop’s and mobile platforms. This new Firefox update for Mac, Android, Windows and Linux introduced number of additions of new features and fixing major bugs and updating other features also.

Firefox Update For Mac, Android, Linux and Windows – Key Features

With this new Firefox update, Mozilla introduced new HTTP cache for both Desktop and Mobile platforms. With this new HTTP cache system will improve performance of the browser and easy recovery is also delivered whenever browser crashes.

Firefox Update also introduced “Public Key Pinning” feature for Mac, Windows and Linux operating system. By this Pinning feature user redirects directly to the website without facing any other pages or websites. The pinned domains included in this new Firefox are and twitter. Company announced that other domains like Google will be released soon with the update they are planning to provide in mid – October.

There are also many changes for Android users like Firefox introduced six new languages like Armenian, Fulah, Icelandic, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh. Now user can switch between 55 languages regardless the language in which the Firefox app was downloaded. With this Firefox update for Android now clearing history for Firefox Android users became very easy by just accessing the “Clear Browsing History” control in history panel.

firefox update for mac

Now Firefox Android users can also personalize the home page by adding the quick assess of preferred websites. Also a new Gamepad API feature is introduced by which Android app supports URI autocomplete on Swype feature.

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