Bluestacks Failed To Connect To Server

Bluestacks Failed To Connect To Server: – Most of you guys must be aware of the Bluestacks, it is one of the most popular Android emulators present is market. Even most of the Android users are also using it to enjoy Android games on computer. But few days ago some of Bluestacks users are complaining about an error that was Bluestacks Failed to Connect to Server. I worked a lot on this issue and finally came up with a solution.

This solution contains some easy steps to follow which you can get from this article itself. To fix Bluestacks failed to connect to server issue just go once through the article and follow all the steps. In this error your screen will stuck on the loading page and at last it shows failed to connect to server. Have you ever faced this issue? If yes then follow the steps described below.

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Bluestacks Failed To Connect To Server Error Fixed

This is one of the most common error and most of the users are complaining about this. To fix follow the steps shown below.

Basic thing that you have to do is reinstall the application, but before this follow some more steps. Run Apple iOS Apps on Windows 7.

  • First of all you have to run ProgramData\\Bluestacks directory as administrator
  • After this navigates to C:\\ProgramData (If C is your windows drive)
  • In C:\\ProgramData find Bluestacks and then right click on Bluestacks
  • Select Properties >> Security Tab
  • Now find your Windows User within the Group and User Names Window
  • Then select Edit
  • You will need to select your Windows User within the Group and Users Name Window
  • Now assign full control then press Ok
  • Again select Ok
  • Last step is to Reboot

Now you can remove your old version of Bluestacks and download the latest version of software. Upload Images to Instagram from Bluestacks.

Hope this article “Bluestacks Failed to Connect to Server” helped you. If still you are getting error then you can comment it. Play PS2 Games on Windows.

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