Best Features Of iOS 8 – Must Have

Best Features Of iOS 8 :- Recently we heard about the launch of new operating system of Apple. You might also be heard about this that Apple is going to launch new operating system that is iOS 8. Official date of release of iOS 8 is not fixed but most probably it is going to release on 9th of September of this year. Apple has spent so many time and effort on this new operating system iOS 8 so you can expect lots of changes from Apple. There are so many rumors that iPhone 6 is going to release with iOS 8 but no official news came from Apple. Now several things are going to be change with this new operating system iOS 8. iOS 8 brings with it a breadth of new frameworks and kits for developers to hook into when developing their own applications.  Additionally, Apple has now allowed the use of several core technologies by 3rd– party developers by including access to APIs for Camera and Touch ID. There are so many new features that are going to release with iOS 8. Lets us discuss those features one by one in this guide of “Best Features Of iOS 8 – Must Have”.

features of ios 8

Best Features Of iOS 8

Stay in Sync

Apple is going to introduce this amazing feature of stay in sync with iOS 8. This is a great feature that works when a user’s iOS device is near their Mac, Handoff allows the user to use the single device and access both of them. Instant hotspot quickens the process of using iPhone’ hotspot. SMs and MMS message that previously appeared on the user’s iPhone now appear on all the connected devices. Now user can even send SMS and MMS directly from Mac and also make or receive iPhone calls using their Mac as a speakerphone.

New Way of Chatting

This feature allows you to add or remove contacts in a group conversion, leave a conversion and set up a do not disturb mode. Users can now also go to an attachment view to browse through the photos and videos within a conversation. You might be used this feature on different apps but now they are integrated on a single app isn’t it great.

Hey Siri

features of ios 8

Hey Siri is a feature of Apple just like Google Now. Google Now and Siri are compared frequently but this time Apple provides Siri an upper hand. Apple has announced several new features to Siri like always-on, voice note activated mode that allowing you to use Siri just by saying, “Hey Siri”. Most interesting is that now you can use it to but iTunes content and this time it also supports more languages and Shazam song recognition.

Cloud Service

features of ios 8

iCloud is the service from Apple that provides Cloud services. It is not as popular as Dropbox but it also allows you a sync feature as Dropbox with third party apps. This service comes with 5GB of free storage capacity, plus $0.99 per month for 20GB and $3.99 for 200GB, which is reasonable for this amount of space.

Notifications and Widgets

Apple improved its notification bar by making responsive notification. Whenever you receive a message or mail you can swipe down the notification and reply easily without leaving the app. Another change came to notifications is the addition of widgets. Apple is still not providing widgets on their home screen but you can have them in notification centre. The only thing with this feature is that notification centre becomes crowded

Now Health is In Your Palm

features of ios 8

Healthkit is one of the new features that are very useful for people, as it gathers all the information from other health apps and devices. If you are using a health app or device, then the data they collect will be getting by this app with the user’s permission to manage your health more comprehensively.

Easy Communication

features of ios 8

Now Apple is providing increased support for third parties. For example, TouchID is now integrated will all the apps, which is going to be very useful for the financial purpose app that deliver an extra layer of security. Now Apple is providing extensions on Safari and also opened doors for the third party keyboards. Apple own keyboard is now updated with a feature called QuickType, which is going to suggest the words that you are typing and also suggest the next word, previously these types of features are available with the third party keyboards.

Family Sharing

This is another feature that Apple is going to provide; seriously this is an amazing and very useful feature. With this family sharing you can set up to six devices, to share things like photos, remainders, calendars, booked shows and music. All these devices are going to be billed with the same registered credit card.

All these features you’ll get with this new operating system iOS 8, which is going to overcome so many iOS 7 faults and makes so many things easier for the users.

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