Apple Sends iCloud Alert Notification

Apple Sends iCloud Alert Notification :- Recently Apple iCloud came into notice when a celebrity photo leaks from iCloud, at that time Apple makes a promise to improve iCloud security. Now the time has come and Apple is making a good on his promise. Apple sends an iCloud alert notification when a login attempt takes place with a different browser. Some iCloud user got an Apple alert email asking if the user accessed iCloud with a different web browser. You may be thinking that this is very annoying to get alert or notification every time you make an attempt, but that was not the scenario the message was a one – time confirmation that was sent whenever the user or someone else access the iCloud with a new web browser.

As with Facebook login activity notifications users will either toss away these messages to virtual recycling bin or report malicious behavior.

Apple Sends iCloud Alert Notification

When your iCloud is accessed by different web browser, you will get a mail mentioning your Apple ID, Date and Time. If you are the person who logged in iCloud then you can disregard that mail, but if you didn’t logged into your iCloud then change your Apple ID and Password as soon as possible. This will improve the user awareness by sending out mail alert and notification.

Ultimately this new alert won’t protect future hacking, but this will inform the user about their iCloud is accessed. This new warning will warn the user much sooner than never. The alert also allows users to regain control of their accounts, hopefully stopping or tacking the individual who is trying to access your iCloud.

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