Amazon Cloud Player For Mac and PC – Sync Music With Cloud

Amazon Cloud Player for Mac and PC: – Amazon is also providing cloud storage with the help of Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon cloud drive is like other cloud storage techniques provided by other companies. Its storage can be access from different locations as per user need. You can access those cloud storage file, documents etc from your smartphone or computers. Amazon provides 5 gigabytes of free space for storage and you can extend the capability up to 1000GB. You have to make account with Amazon to use this drive. I suggest you to try this cloud storage technique because it is so useful and available for free.

amazon cloud player for mac

Amazon Cloud Player for Mac and PC

Amazon cloud player allows you to sync music with your device. This allows user to play their music stored in cloud drive from any computer or smartphone but the necessary condition is internet. Once you have uploaded your songs in Amazon Cloud Drive then you can listen it on web or through your phone whether it is Android or iOS you just need the Cloud Player App and internet connection.

How To Use Amazon Cloud Player


Uploading the music in cloud is a three simple step procedure that you have to follow. Steps are as follow

  • Gathering Information.
  • Matching your music with songs.
  • Uploading artwork and remaining songs.

amazon cloud player for mac

 Google needs Music Manager Application, while iTunes Match syncs with iTunes. Music Manager scans from various applications for new music, while iTunes requires that all songs must be imported on music library.

amazon cloud player for mac

Amazon requires you to download Amazon Music Importer for the process of uploading. Amazon Music Importer is necessary because it act as a plug-in for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Music Importer automatically scans music files from iTunes and Windows Media Player library. There is also a choice of manual uploading you can go for that also if you don’t want to upload the entire library.

Mobile Streaming

Google Music Streams all the matched songs at 320kbps, while iTunes does that in AAC format at 256kbps. On both the OS Android and iOS, Google Music, Amazon MP# and iOS’s Music app started up songs immediately. Google Music and Amazon MP# users can download the album and particular song for offline use also. This is an amazing feature that was introduced in Android. For iTunes Match users, iPhone’s Music app is not able to download the songs or albums in internal memory for offline use.

Note – Streaming over Wi-Fi is much easier to do that in 2G or 3G.

Download To PC

You can download the entire music library to your computer as a backup if you deleted all the songs by mistake. It is very simple to download all the songs to your computer, music player allow this with a single click. It might take some time depending upon the size of your library and internet connections you have be patient while you downloading music library to your computer. It is also possible to download all the songs if your computer operating system fails or corrupt because everything is linked to your Google Account. iTunes doesn’t allow you to download entire music library at a time but you can download each song individually but it has an advantage that you can replace your low bit rate songs with high bit rate songs.

Amazon Cloud Player For Mac and PC

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