Google Unleashes 64-bit Chrome Browser For Windows 8 and 7

Google Unleashes 64-bit Chrome Browser For Windows 8 and 7:- Recently Google announced its 64-bit chrome browser for Windows which was available for everyone but in Bets version. This new 64-bit Chrome browser has some changes just to improve safety and speed according to Google. Google is always tried to make suitable and useful changes for their users, and they are always concerned about the security. This new beta version gives you the opportunity to protect yourself. All the new features are elaborated below. Just read “Google Unleashes 64-bit Chrome Browser For Windows 8 and 7” for new features and to download this beta version.

64-bit Chrome Browser is available as a preview for developers a month ago and now this is available for first time for steady build. You can download the new beta version with uninstalling the previous one. You don’t need to care about your Chrome settings and bookmarks they will not be tempered by new beta version of Chrome.

64-bit chrome browser

You can download new 64-bit Chrome Browser For Windows 8 and 7 – Download.

Features of 64-bit Chrome Browser For Windows 8 and 7

  • Google enabled the support of HiDPI.
  • One of the best features of 64—bit version is auto save. When you load webpage chrome automatically saves it in the cache and whenever you want to retrieve you can access those WebPages offline, by just clicking on the “Show Saved Page”.
  • New Chrome made improvement with viewing fonts. The text in chrome 37 is displayed using Windows DirectWrite technology.
  • Now it’s easy to load heavy webpages with complicated codes. This new ^64-bit browser is almost crash free and doesn’t hang in between of decoding heavy scripts and also gives optimal viewing experience to the users.
  • Official Chrome Claims that this 64-bit Chrome Browser for windows 8 and 7 going to detect threat caused by the hackers, by this Google try to improve security and help users to stay free from hacker.
  • One of the best improvements made by Chrome Browser is the change in ability to decode the HD videos at much faster rate. When this feature is tested it shows 15% better streaming rate then previous version.
  • When you compare both 32-bit and 64-bit version you noticed that 64-bit has more processing capacity then 32-bit version, reason is that 64-bit version uses optimum amount of RAM therefore speed is more then 32-bit.
  • In this 64-bit version, a guest mode is also added for the sake of security. Now you can switch between users. One user will be the default user and another one will be the guest user. Guest users are not allowed to look into the personal details of default user even if default user is signed in with Google Account.

64-bit chrome browser This new 64-bit version of Chrome browser is also available for OSX and Linux.

If you are using this 64-bit version of Chrome browser and you encounter any bug then please inform Google about this via Chromium Code Page.

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